15127 Simonds Rd NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

15127 Simonds Rd NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

David    ☎ 425.753.0568

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to the most common questions are contained in the ad. I try to set us both up for success by providing very detailed information in the ad. Please read the ad and the information from the various links in the ads.

Question: How much is the deposit?
Answer: Amount varies by room; the exact amount will be posted in the ad. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: Can I bring my cat?
Answer: No. Certain people live here specifically because there are no pets. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: Are there any smokers in the house?
Answer: No. Smokers are not allowed. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: Can a friend and I share one room?
Answer: No. Single occupancy only. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: Does the room have a bed?
Answer: Maybe. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: Are utilities included in the rent?
Answer: No. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: How much money do I need upfront to move in?
Answer: The ad will contain a link to a table stating the exact amount needed based on the day you move-in. An example can be seen here. (This is stated in the ad)

Question: How long is the lease?
Answer: Month-to-month.

Question: How many people live at the house?
Answer: Up to seven. The house has seven bedrooms and five bathrooms. Every bathroom has at least a shower.

Question: Can I have overnight guests?
Answer: Yes. Happy for you. ☺

Question: Can I use the kitchen?
Answer: Yes. You have shared access to all the common areas (kitchen, living room...) and exclusive access to your bedroom.

Question: Is there a bus route nearby?
Answer: Yes. See Metro for specifics.

Question: Is the deposit refundable?
Answer: "No moneys paid to the landlord which are nonrefundable may be designated as a deposit or as part of any deposit." RCW § 59.18.285

Question: I am from out of state and would like to secure a location prior to my arrival, can I lease the room prior to my arrival?
Answer: No. The room will not be leased to anyone that has not physically visited the property.

Question: Can I store any property in the garage?
Answer: No.

Question: Does my notice to terminate require any specific language?
Answer: No. The notice merely needs to be clear, concise, and timely delivered. It could be as simply as, "I am moving out on MM/DD/YYY" written on a napkin. See Termination By Tenant for additional information.