15127 Simonds Rd NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

15127 Simonds Rd NE, Kenmore, WA 98028

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As of March 1, 2023

Clean Up After Yourself
Clean up after yourself. The house is as clean as the dirtiest person. Cleaning shall be performed with the lights on.
The Swiffer® SweeperVac, Swiffer® WetJet®, and Swiffer supplies are located in the laundry room. There is a vacuum cleaner located in the downstairs coat closet and one located in the upstairs hall closet. There are various cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink.

Shoes/Foot Coverings
Do not wear shoes or any other foot covering that is worn outside in the house.

Close Doors with Grace

  1. Grasp the door handle. (Do not yet begin pulling/pushing.)
  2. Turn the handle so that the latch recedes COMPLETELY INTO THE DOOR.
  3. GRACEFULLY pull/push the door closed, finishing slowly so that it doesn't POUND against the frame.
  4. Slowly release the door handle

The curved side of the Latch should NEVER touch the Strike plate. See video below for demonstration.

Late Night Entry/Exit
Use the rear door between the hours of midnight and 5am.
If you normally park in the garage, then park on the driveway if you will make multiple trips between midnight and 5am.

Laundry Times
The washing machine and dryer shall only be initiated between the hours of 8am and 8pm EXCEPT THAT the dryer may be initiated past 8pm when:

Laundry shall be stored in your Exclusive Premises while not in use. Those specific items of clothing that are pulled from the dryer during an active drying cycle shall be considered in use. Tenant shall only use an approriate measured amount of detergent.

Kitchen Use

Dish Washing
Dirty and/or clean flatware, tableware, dishware, cookware, and all other items used to consume and/or prepare food ("Dishware") shall not be stored in the sink and/or the drying mat adjacent to the sink. Only clean and damp Dishware shall be placed on the drying mat for drying. The drying mat should never be dirty if only items that are thoroughly washed are placed on it. A Dishware is considered "stored" in this rule when it is left on the drying mat or sink for at least three consecutive hours.

Use & Care of Premises
It is the responsibility of each Resident to treat and use all equipment and the Leased Premises as if it were his/her own. You, as the Resident, are responsible for all damages to the Leased Premises, fixtures, and appliances caused by lack of reasonable care by you or your guests.

Water Dispenser
To prevent cross-contamination when using the water dispenser, do not allow anything to come in contact with the water spout. Allow the water to free fall into your container. The dispensed water shall be used exclusively for direct human ingestion.

Refrigerator and Pantry
Items in the refrigerator or pantry may be immediately removed without notice by any resident under any of the following conditions:

Other People's Mail
Tenant shall do one of the following in regards to other people's mail:

Community Food
Any item of food placed on the counter space immediately surrounding the stove shall be deemed Community Food EXCEPT FOR any food actively used in the preparation of a meal. Community Food is food that can be eaten/disposed by anyone at any time without any restrictions. Tenant shall monitor any Community Food he/she provided and promptly dispose any such food that is not being consumed or begins to spoil.



Unless specified otherwise in Tenant's lease, the following provisions shall apply:

Guest Parking


Suspended Access
At anytime, access to all or any portion of the parking lot, driveway, and/or garage may be suspended due to maintenance, or any other reasonable reason to suspend access. Advance notice will be given when possible.

Parking Lot Stalls
Drawing of the parking lot